CBD and Melatonin: How it affects Sleep Quality

CBD Gummies 150 MG with Melatonin

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at your alarm clock, counting down the hours until you have to get up, you might want to try CBD gummies with melatonin. CBD is recognized for its relaxation benefits without causing intoxication. It is known to reduce anxiety levels and muscle tensions, both of which can make it […]

Things to Consider Before Using CBD on Your Pet

As with humans, pets can benefit from using CBD products. This can include addressing specific issues such as allergies, seizures, loss of appetite, or even stress. But it is important to know the right way to give them CBD and whether or not it is appropriate for your pet in particular, so here are a […]

CBD Lip Balm: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

CBD can be a great way of helping you to ease your mind, relax, and feel ready to tackle your day. Better still, CBD can come in a number of forms such as bath bombs, chocolate, or beverages. However, if you are on the bus or train, you may not have access to a bath […]

The Difference Between Full Spectrum CBD and Zero THC Tinctures

CBD has been known to help people address a number of physical and mental issues for years, though it has become more mainstream now due to its natural properties. There are different options depending on what you need for your specific condition, such as full spectrum CBD and Zero THC tinctures. A full-spectrum CBD product […]

CBD Tinctures: What You Need To Know & How To Make Your Own

CBD oil is used for a wide range of wellness needs by people across the world. Most notably, CBD tinctures are an effective method for greater relaxation, which is why you will often see this ingredient in items such as bath bombs, chocolates, and even beverages. One way to use CBD oil effectively is with […]

Who We Are: The Horizon Difference

CBD Horizon

In 2016, Horizon CBD was founded in Owensboro, KY. Horizon CBD has a simple mission, to improve people’s lives. At Horizon CBD, we provide premium Cannabidiol products. We use the highest purity and potency in our products. Being one of the fastest growing providers in an industry that is mostly unregulated, we value complete transparency about the […]